Welcome to the Freedom Fighter Wiki

Welcome we are a Clash of Clans based clan. 

My name is Bro Brandon I am the clan leader. Here is a brief understanding of what our clan is and what we do enjoy and feel free to ask questions!

We have a wonderful time playing.

We are a very active and chatty clan.

We enjoy helping anybody in anyway that we can.

We love having a good discussion or even sharing some of your favorite jokes PG-13 Please.

We participate in clan wars twice a week. Wooot!

We donate what you ask for as much as possible can't always happen. 

Please check out our clan member list as well as our requests/rules upon joining our clan nothing hard I PROMISE!

By the way all the links for our page are dark red for the Champions league!!!


Welcome again and thank you for checking out our page for our clan. 

We wanted to make this wiki to help new and experienced members better understand our clan and everything involved with it.

Below is a few links so please please check it out.

Links/Pages to please check out

Our members page

Rules/Requests page do not be afriad they are not that bad I promise


Clan wars history!!


Free Gems!   Yes this is the truth!

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